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sniper suits

Modern, affordable, adaptable and customizable ghillies—a different kind of suit for your night out!


Unlike other suits, our suit does not rely on artificial camouflage and uses only a minimal amount to change the silhouette of a fighter. Instead, it adapts to any mission terrain (forest, field, city, etc.). A sniper or scout using our suit augments the base mesh with elements of natural camouflage (grass, hay, branches, etc.) by clipping them to special connectors. You can wear our suit any time of the year and in any environment. See for yourself.


The lack of artificial camouflage also prevents clothing from catching fire. An added layer of durable Carduro pads on the elbows, chest, belly, and knees allows easy prone movement on any terrain without damaging your suit. These pads also help avoid injuries and discomfort when working on the ground while retaining heat and water resistance for cold and wet environments. Learn more about our process.


Our suit weighs 2 kg (​​4.4 lbs)—much less than the standard ghillie ("kikimora") mesh. Due to the lack of artificial camouflage on the chest and stomach, the movement of the fighter becomes more comfortable and easy. You'll save a lot of power even when crossing long distances. The lightweight and user-focused design makes our suit easy to put on and take off if necessary—you can even wear a suit on top of another uniform without removing your boots. 


Our patented design has been constantly improved over the past 20 years based on the constant feedback from our customers—snipers and scouts who use our suits. Hat, hood, pants, and jacket ventilation reduces the heat footprint far below standard ghillies and allows you to stay longer in the field. Anti-mosquito protection throughout your suit, water resistance, and extra pockets improve your comfort so you can focus on your mission.

Affordable customizations

We can tailor our suits specifically for you and your needs. Choose your base model size, then select any numbers of add-ons for a low price. And if you want something completely custom—just let us know, we'll make it happen!

20 years of excellence

First built in 2004 for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, our suit has been constantly battle-tested and improved for the past 20 years. Currently, over 1000 Chuksuits are in the service of the Ukrainian Army Forces.

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